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Our Keys to Success: Unparalleled Ethical Standards & High Quality Agent Training

In today’s challenging employment market, it’s good to know there is always a need for highly trained, personable and productive insurance industry professionals. Personable? Yes, men and women who possess exceptional people skills are ideally suited to an industry that typically involves working closely with individuals from all walks of life.

In addition to the ability to effectively communicate complex insurance product information to a layperson, the ultimate success of an agent’s health and life insurance career depends on numerous other factors. Dedication to the work, close attention to detail and extensive knowledge about insurance products are all essential components to every agent’s rise to the top of their profession.

Working in the health and life insurance community comes with the very real responsibility of protecting an individual’s or family’s health by guaranteeing access to exceptional quality healthcare services. This is but one of the many reasons the insurance industry offers a personally and professionally rewarding opportunity for any individual who is searching for their ideal career path.

The insurance industry offers more than the knowledge that an agent is doing important work. They can also know that their expert efforts have a significant and positive impact on the lives of those who turn to them for critically needed insurance product advice. Yes, insurance industry professionals protect the health and financial security of others while they, themselves, build their own bright and secure financial future.

While the median income of a salary insurance agent is moderate, an ambitious, highly motivated and effective commission only insurance specialist has nearly unlimited earning power. Insurance industry professionals typically enjoy a full complement of job benefits that add even more value to an already rewarding career. At The Center for Senior Benefits, we do not merely offer life insurance jobs or health insurance agent jobs; we offer careers to outstanding professionals. We take the initiative to help you exceed your potential through exceptional training and on-going support. We’re always delighted to speak with a current or aspiring rising star in our industry. Let us know about your interest in joining the countless men and women who take pride in a profession that protects individuals, families and businesses around the corner or around the globe.

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