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Eliminate Unplanned Funeral Costs with Final Expense Insurance.

During the years or even nearing the end of a long, healthy and happy life, many caring and responsible individuals want to do their utmost to ensure the best possible financial security for the loved ones they leave behind. Estate planning ideally includes the decedent’s history of having maintained the survivor’s benefit protections offered by some form of life insurance, including final expense life insurance.

Many people assume that final expense insurance combined with life coverage is the same as burial insurance, but there are distinct differences between the two. Many life insurance policies, in addition to other benefits, offer a disbursement intended to cover the specific costs of cremation or burial services. Separate from life/final expense coverage, interment costs only (burial insurance) products are typically affordable and easily obtainable, but such a limited policy offers no additional financial security for a decedent’s heirs.

Most final expense insurance companies offer combined life and final expense policies, as well as interment expense only coverage. When joined with a life insurance policy, final expenses can be partly defined as a total of all outstanding debts, including a mortgage or other bank loan(s). Subsequent to a policyholder’s death, a combined life/ final expense insurance policy will typically include – separate from interment and outstanding debt costs – the payment of a lump sum cash award to a decedent’s heir(s).

Clearly, when it comes to any type of insurance, there’s a lot to know, and at The Center for Senior Benefits, we offer comprehensive consultations that include the very latest information on final expense plans or any other type of life or health insurance protection. Any one of our highly trained, cheerful and always helpful insurance experts are happy to spend whatever time is needed to ensure that the most appropriate and cost-effective, final expense or other insurance product is offered to you.

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