Medicare Health Plan

Take the Worry Out of Choosing Your Medicare Health Plan.

You want to take an active role in choosing your Medicare Health Plan or senior health insurance, but with so many choices, it is difficult to know which one is best for your healthcare needs. We understand how intricate details can profoundly affect your coverage, your out-of-pocket costs, your premiums, your deductibles, your choice of doctors and your quality of care. Without the proper information, you risk paying exorbitant costs, sacrificing your savings and compromising your healthcare.

Our mission is to offer you the information you need to make an informed decision about Medicare and the senior health insurance program that is right for you.

Health insurance for seniors is unique. You have many healthcare options, and with those options, you have the opportunity to plan for your needs as well as the responsibility to choose wisely. Some of your options include Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans (MediGap), and Indemnity Health Plans. You will want to consider your options for critical illness insurance, hospital confinement, cancer insurance, and accident coverage.

Each of these options comes with its own benefits and enrollment requirements, and it is important to understand exactly what your insurance will cover and what costs might be your responsibility. Some healthcare terms to become familiar with include:

  • Co-payment – a fixed amount a plan may require you to pay for specific services. For example, each doctor’s visit may require you to pay a $10 co-payment.
  • Deductible – a fixed amount a plan may require you to pay for benefits or services before the plan begins to pay regular benefits. For example, you may be responsible for the first $310 of prescription charges.

Protect your assets and your healthcare by consulting with one of our experts so that we can help you prepare the best plan for your needs. We will work with you to find affordable coverage with maximum benefits regardless of your age, your health condition or your budget.

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