Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage. We can help!

Signed into law in 1965 under Title 18 of the Social Security Act, “Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled” soon came to be commonly known as Medicare. The program is widely hailed as America’s health insurance “safety net” because it offers important healthcare benefits to nearly all Americans who are aged 65 or older. Certain citizens of any age may also qualify for Medicare health insurance coverage based on their medical or mental health needs.

Medicare coverage is essentially divided into two parts: Part A provides coverage for your food and bed while in the hospital as well as coverage in a skilled nursing facility, while Part B offers medical benefits for surgery and outpatient expenses, including doctor visits, tests, labs, etc. Medicare benefits are extended to millions of Americans each year, and this federally funded benefit program is the single largest healthcare program in the nation. A truly vast healthcare program, Medicare mandates coverage terms and limitations that are numerous and often highly complex.

While Medicare coverage is an invaluable healthcare resource, it does not provide unlimited or truly comprehensive health insurance for seniors. The program has strictly enforced limitations on the amount and types of care it will pay for, as well as reimbursement caps and/or co-payments for many items such as prescription drugs, medical equipment, home nursing services, etc. Once seniors and others become fully aware of Medicare’s restrictions, millions of Americans decide to enroll in various forms of supplemental health insurance to cover the many out-of-pocket expenses incurred by gaps in original Medicare.

Here at The Center for Senior Benefits, we’re experts in Medicare and supplemental health insurance products, and we can help you make the best decisions based on your needs. We want to ensure your access to quality medical care while helping to protect your financial security as well. Don’t wait until unexpected healthcare costs jeopardize your health and financial well-being—make today the day you decide to contact us to learn more about affordable, supplemental health insurance coverage that offers critically important medical care benefits and priceless peace of mind.

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