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At The Center for Senior Benefits, we specialize in teaching Credit Unions how to earn significant additional income by educating their members about the Medicare Health Plan option that best fits the member’s needs. 

Over 60 Million people in the United States are currently eligible for Medicare benefits.  Unfortunately, Original Medicare does not include prescription coverage, and leaves the Medicare beneficiary responsible for large deductibles and 20% of all medical costs. Fortunately, there are additional health plans available to Medicare Beneficiaries at little to no additional cost above what they pay for Original Medicare. These Medicare Health plans drastically reduce the Medicare Beneficiary’s out-of-pocket medical and prescription costs, as well as often gives them additional benefits, such as: dental and vision coverage, a gym membership, transportation, hearing aid coverage, etc., again, at no additional cost to them.

Our services create an excellent income stream opportunity for Credit Unions.  For example, in 2024, for each member you enroll into a Medicare Advantage Health plan, your Credit Union would receive $611 ($762 in CA & NJ, $689 CT, DC, PA). In addition to the initial $611 commission, your Credit Union would earn a $306 ($381 in CA & NJ, $345 CT, DC, PA) annual renewal commission for each of your members enrolled in a plan.

By providing information and assistance to your members who are Medicare eligible, not only do you provide your members with an additional, and much needed service, but you create a significant income stream for your Credit Union. 

Additionally, Medicare health plans are a terrific starting point for discussing other products and services already offered by your Credit Union.

Our company specializes in helping Credit Unions get up and running in the Medicare arena. 

  • We provide training and on-going support at no cost to the Credit Unions we work with. 
  • We offer the maximum commissions allowable by law (as noted above). 
  • We make things as simple as possible for you to launch and maintain this service, and we have multiple systems in place to do that. 
  • Whether you work directly with the insurance companies, or work with us, you will be paid exactly the same way. 
  • The difference is that we will walk you through the process, and teach you exactly how to efficiently help your members and ensure you remain compliant under all Medicare (CMS) rules, all while earning significant additional income. 
  • We will even meet you at your office for training and support, regardless of where you work. For more information on how to get started, please contact us today!

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