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Annuity: A Guaranteed Lifelong Income Stream

When it comes to insurance, investment and retirement strategies, one financial product incorporates all three initiatives: an annuity. The terms, conditions and limitations on a life insurance annuity company product can be many and complex, and to make an informed decision, a thorough understanding of annuities is required. To that end, if you’re interested in hearing about the benefits available through an annuity, insurance experts are available to spend the time needed to guarantee your genuine due diligence. We offer information in lay language, explaining each aspect of annuities so that you can make an informed decision.

You may already know that an annuity is an insurance/financial investment product typically offered by an insurance company. You can purchase the annuity for any amount whatsoever, and you can purchase it in full at the time of procurement, or you can arrange for deferred payment(s) over time. In return, the seller agrees to pay you, the annuitant, regularly scheduled payments to begin immediately or to be dispersed at a later time such as a predetermined date of retirement. Additionally, many annuity products include life-time income riders that will provide you with a guaranteed lifetime income that you can never outlive. Additionally, as all annuities are tax deferred, annuity investments are often a wise choice, since the income derived from the instrument qualifies for a tax deferral on earnings.

An annuity is usually defined as one of two types: fixed or variable. A fixed annuity provides you with an agreed upon income stream derived from the seller’s low-risk investments such as government bonds. A variable annuity has many of the same terms and conditions of a fixed product, but the return on investment is determined by the performance of higher risk equity-based investments, bonds and other investments.

Designed primarily to provide retirement savings, if an annuity interests you as a component to your overall insurance/investment/retirement plan, make today the day you decide to contact one of our knowledgeable and always helpful annuity experts. Learn all the facts, and then decide if an annuity is the right choice for you.

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