Medigap Plans

There are Eleven Medicare Supplement Options. Let Us Help Find the Plan That Best Meets Your Needs.

Medicare provides invaluable and extensive healthcare benefits to people who are age 65 or older, as well as to certain individuals on Social Security Disability. While the federally-funded, health insurance program pays for a broad spectrum of medical care services, it does not offer comprehensive coverage to its beneficiaries. Medicare is the nation’s largest healthcare system, and the program’s terms, limitations and restrictions are numerous and have become increasingly complex over the years.

Once enrolled in a Medicare plan, many members soon discover that their Part A (Hospital Insurance) or Part B (Medical Insurance) plans do not cover all healthcare services. For this reason, many Medicare recipients decide to purchase what is known as Medicare supplemental insurance. This additional coverage offers a significant means to overcome some of Medicare’s restrictions and limitations, including inpatient hospital stays, and other critically important healthcare services.

Medicare coverage deficiencies are often referred to as gaps, which is why the term Medigap insurance has become a standard reference in the health insurance industry. At The Center for Senior Benefits, we’re experts in the many types of Medicare supplement plans, and we urge all Medicare recipients to consult with one of our industry-leading health insurance specialists to learn more about a plan (or plans) that could protect you from potentially devastating, out-of-pocket medical care costs.

We consistently advise our clients not to wait until their access to quality healthcare is compromised or their financial security is jeopardized by a significant gap in their Medicare coverage. Protect your health and your financial future by contacting one of the always friendly and helpful supplemental health insurance experts at The Center for Senior Benefits. We genuinely look forward to answering all of your questions about healthcare coverage that offers the most important benefit of all – peace of mind.

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