Life Insurance

Life Insurance: Multiple Options, Multiple Purposes

While many of America’s senior citizens may be under the impression that the purchase of a cost justified, life insurance policy is difficult or even impossible to secure, at The Center for Senior Benefits, we’re always pleased to let you know that you may have been misinformed. In reality, life insurance for seniors is readily available to countless older citizens who can meet an insurance company’s particular and oftentimes minimal requirements.

A senior life insurance company will typically require applicants to provide answers to a few health questions. Also, as you might expect, senior life insurance premium payments may typically be higher than those charged to a younger population. This is an actuarial fact of life whenever increased policy holder risk factors are considered. However, many seniors are surprised to learn that various federal and/or state insurance regulations mandate the issuance of affordable life insurance coverage to America’s older citizens, regardless of your current health status, giving you many life insurance options, depending on your local state’s guidelines.

At The Center for Senior Benefits, we provide seniors with the good news that an affordable life insurance policy is available that can provide coverage to greatly enhance a beneficiary’s financial security. It is never too late to consider available options that will bring you peace of mind. We invite you to speak with one of our life insurance specialists who will be happy to explore with you the many policy options that can mean a brighter and far more secure financial future for your loved ones.

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